Welcome to Epic Beats

Welcome to Epic Beats, home of non commercial music circulating within the South African sphere. Now this does not mean that we only showcase South African music here, nah we put up any song from any part of the world that is Epic!! That’s the minimum requirement for a song, beat or video to show up here. Although we show songs from different parts of the world music in South Africa is still our main drive.

The aim of Epic Beats is to bring cool songs that are not commercial to the attention of dudes and dudets who are tired of hearing the same thing play over and over again on the radio, tv or most websites out there. Those people who fall on the creative side and enjoy diversity in their lives.

Now this is not an old people’s site so you won’t find old people music like super slow jazz and whatever old people listen to. Here we have music ranging from hip hop, dubstep, alternative music, house music, glitch hop, jazz- yes jazz but not old people jazz, RnB and many other genres.

Since the aim is to get people out there, if you are a music fanatic and happen to hear something dope over the net or anywhere else no matter how weird it might be we are on twitter and facebook or if you a producer who wants to get his/her ish out there, we are a platform to help you do that, but bare in mind we don’t do commercial so if you send the same old commercial ish that is already out there then you need some Epic intervention. We only deal with unique creative ish.